Hello world!

Hello to all and welcome to my blog! I have always hesitated when it came to starting my own blog but I finally decided that facebook doesn’t give me enough room to talk all the crap I want about corporate food giants, our nations health and all the lies people are told about what is good for them from advertisements to even your own doctor….yup, they lie too or they just don’t care 🙂 So here it is folks, I am a straight talking kind of gal and although I try not to offend people…well sometimes it’s just too hard to find that balance between telling someone the ugly truth and sugar coating so that you don’t hurt their feelings. Feel absolutely free to comment, argue, praise my blog or question my sources of information…honestly you should question your own doctor about health info they give you so please, if I forget to mention my source on health advice I am giving  just ask and you shall receive.

I am currently enrolled in a Masters program in Natural Health with Clayton College of Natural Health and I hope to use this blog as a way of recording the plethora of information I am learning  about and wish to share with the world. There will also be things I will blog about that I feel passionate about as well and mostly they will be related to green living (which I am exploring at the moment). One day I will be a Natural doctor and I look forward to having my own practice and helping people live better lives with health and nutrition. Stay tuned and enjoy!


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