Risks we take with Birth Control Pills

Oh the lengths we women go to to prevent pregnancy…come on…we have all been there. And men too! I am pretty sure many of us have all had that OH CRAP scare and some of us were so paranoid we ran to the nearest woman’s center and took the Plan B pills and anxiously awaited for our periods to come. It’s something that mainly us women worry about because lets face it, men can run…fast 🙂 lol But anyway, what I wanted to ask women and men reading this is do you know what is in birth control pills? Men, do you know the risks your girlfriend or wife is taking every time she pops that little pill in her mouth everyday? If you don’t, then after reading this you will definitely 2nd guess taking tomorrows pill….but please, if you decide not to take the pill tomorrow (or today if you haven’t already) and next month you end up pregnant, you can’t come calling me for child support 🙂 Consider yourself warned!

A few hard facts you should know:

*In 2005 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (a division of the World Health Organization) issued a press release stating that combined estrogen-progestin contraceptives are carcinogenic and placed the contraceptives in Group 1 classification (the highest class of carcinogenicity). When something is placed in Group 1 its because there is SUFFICIENT evidence of carcinogenicity in humans.

*According to IARC 100 million women are currently taking combined estrogen-progestin contraceptives

*In 2003 the National Cancer Institute stated that there were significant increased risks of breast, cervical and liver cancers for oral contraceptive users.

*The NCI and IARC have taken no steps to reduce the use or warn women of the risk involved in taking oral contraceptives and in fact continue to recommend that women should undergo frequent mammograms and PAP test to detect cancer as early as possible.

*Researchers at Oxford University found that the risk of cancer is related to the length of time women have spent on oral contraceptives and are as follows: Less then 5 years 10% increase, 5-9 years 60% increase, more then 10 years 120% increased risk. Risk is even higher for women who were infected with human papilloma virus. Research showed that use of the pill was an independant risk factor for the development of cervical cancer in contrast to what we have been told which is that the virus alone and pre-cancerous conditions like  dysplasia are responsible for the development of cervical cancer.

*Hormones in BCPs come from a pregnant horses urine. BTW (If you are a Vegan and taking BCPs…guess what…you are technically not Vegan)

Ok so with these few facts I have provided you with, either you are disgusted or angry or both…I was both. For one thing our ob-gyns obviously don’t care to disclose this information to women because BCPs are used to treat things like  irregular menstrual periods, PMS and acne. Its much easier for them to prescribe a pill then to explain to you that the reason for your PMS, irregular periods, cramping and discomfort associated with menstrual cycles is due to an excess of estrogen in your body. You can lower your estrogen levels by improving your diet, exercise and maintaining a lean body. Also according to Dr. Pam Popper PhD N.D. dietary improvement and improvement of gastrointestinal health are effective more then 90% of the time in treating acne.

It’s amazing to me how many women and VERY young girls are prescribed BCPs when all these world agencies and research proves how dangerous they are. Think about all the young girls whom obtain pills without their parents permission, do you really think that they will understand the risks they are taking on their health? When taken at such a young age it exposes them to an increased risk of cancer at a young age. Maybe all this info may not come as such a surprise to you with that horrendous long list of side effects they go through on each BCP commercial…heart attack? really? So if you have been lucky enough not to have a heart attack, especially those of you who smoke…then hopefully you won’t develop breast, cervical or liver cancer.

Those of you whom are wondering what you are going to do to prevent pregnancy if you want to stop the pill then here are a few things you may want to think about:

(1) Tell your man to wrap it up because you are no longer going to put cancer pills in your body, if he like it, then he should put a sling on it. 🙂

(2) Use a female condom or practice natural birth control (read Margaret Nofzigers’s book A Cooperative Method of Birth Control)

(3) If you don’t want to do the above and if he didn’t put a ring on it then he can run so just close your legs 🙂 Kapeesh?

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2 thoughts on “Risks we take with Birth Control Pills

  1. Wow! This was a very informative post. I think that this is something everyone should know about. I think that something that is as natural as sex should remain that; natural. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with that choice, but I understand what women go through taking birth control pills. It’s amazing that even though there are studies that say these things cause cancer women still use them.

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