Dairy Myths Revealed

Yeah I am totally going to ruin it for you just like I did with birth control and meat…and I am doing this because I CARE! We love it with cookies, on pizza, sprinkled on salad and pasta and poured over a nice bowl of you favorite cereal. Believe me…I was really disappointed when I uncovered the truth about this tasty culprit and all the MYTHS that claim that you NEED dairy for calcium and Vitamin D in order to have healthy strong bones. You were probably raised on it like I was. Parents usually feed their children cows milk religiously since the time of birth (if you didn’t breastfeed…and this is in baby formula).

Have you ever stopped to consider that we are the ONLY species that drinks milk from another species? But first off…what do you think a mother creates milk for? Her BABIES! To FATTEN and NURSE HER baby! Our mother’s milk is made to nourish an 8 pound baby to a 24 pound toddler…not a cow, not a dog or goat. This is why cows milk is so fattening, its made to nourish 90 pound calf to a 2000 pound cow. By the time we reach age 2 or so we no longer need our mothers milk…much less that of a cow! A cow myth I would also like to bust is that cows DON’T NEED TO BE MILKED! Just like woman’s breast dry up, so does a cows. Mother nature did not intend for an adult to consume their mothers milk so why are we consuming it from a cow? Want to know something really gross….probably not but I am going to tell you anyway 🙂 Cows utters become sore and infected from the metal clamps from machines sucking away on their sensitive utters. Pus often forms and the machines keep sucking away at these dead white blood cells in to the milk. Milk must be pasteurized because of all this bacteria and it destroys beneficial enzymes and makes calcium less available but still doesnt kill all the viruses or bacteria. Radioactive particles, hormones and antibiotics are also found in your milk.

Many of us are actually lactose intolerent then you think. We need the lactase enzyme in order to digest lactose but by the time we reach 4 years of age…we lose about 95% of this enzyme. This undigested lactose causes growth of bacteria in our intestines because of the acidic nature of pasteurized milk which contributes to a greater risk of cancer folks…hows that for a cup of milk? If you have issues with mucus this may be because of the dairy you are consuming and often the body will develop a cold or “allergies” to fight this.

Why does all the advertising and marketing and our government say that its good for me and I need it? This is because the dairy industry is a multibillion-dollar industry an based on BRILLIANT marketing which is all a web of lies. MANY studies have been done by researchers at Yale, Harvard, Penn State and the National Institutes of Health and none of them have determined dairy to be a deterrent to osteoporosis. Studies have actually revealed that the high protein content of dairy actually leaches calcium from the bones. Let me explain how this works…animal protein is very acidic and after consuming a cup of milk or slab of meat…whichever you prefer, within a few hours your body becomes very acidic. In order for your body to alkalize itself, it pulls calcium from the largest source of calcium there is in our bodies and that my friends…is your bones.  Take that for an eye opener! Other studies have also linked anemia and childhood diabetes to milk consumption of infants.

Another truth is that in countries in North Africa and Asia where dairy consumption is virtually non-existent, so is osteoporosis. Milk is not a reliable source of minerals, has no fiber and is high in fat and cholesterol, and every one knows any food that has all that is not good for you. Dioxin is one of the most toxic substances in the world and guess where its found folks? I think we can agree that this is one of biggest cancer causing culprits and many of you eat this on a daily basis and sometimes 3 a day bullsh** servings of it as advertised on TV and to your children at the schools food guide pyramid. USDA and FDA is run by a bunch of special interest a**holes which many of them formerly worked for these corporate food giants, dairy and meat farming companies to create this ridiculous food pyramid in order to make themselves even MORE filthy rich.


Thank God that this day in age we have plenty of alternatives for our unhealthy addictions. As for getting your calcium, incorporate these foods in to your diet: kale, collard greens, mustard greesn, cabbage, kelp, seaweed, watercress, chickpeas, broccoli, red beans, soy beans, tofu, seeds and raw nuts. You don’t need to pop a calcium pill…please don’t do this as research also shows that supplements do not make difference in preventing osteoporosis. You can also increase your vitamin D absorption by spending 15 min out in the sunlight….how that for easy?

There are alternatives to cows milk that are much healthier for you such as soy, almond and my favorite rice milk. If you don’t like it first hand, give another brand a try just as you would give other food product brands a try. The brand has made all the difference in me liking a particular type of milk. There is also alternatives to cheese, butter and ice cream that are absolutely delish! Try Earth Balance butter spread, Soy Delicious ice cream or another coconut milk based ice cream, Tofutti brand ice cream bars and cream cheese, and Follow Your Heart vegan cheese. Make sure that when you are trying brands to go for ones that say vegan because if you read the ingredient labels on the product and it says casein or whey…it has milk protein in it and remember peeps..this is a carcinogen which means it causes cancer. If you would like any other suggestions for alternative, send me an email and I will glad to help as always. Happy alternative hunting!



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