The Truth About Fat

I never really paid attention to how much fat was in my food. All the years that I dieted, all I was really concerned about was the calories in my food and not so much about how much fat actually comprised those calories…probably enough to give someone a heart attack! Haha…I laugh about it now but I am actually quite lucky I didn’t develop anything horrifying…other than being overweight, which is a serious health problem folks and it should not be taken lightly. I learned a really cool fact by my wonderful mentor Vanessa…she said that being overweight gives you a 60%  chance of getting Alzheimers later in life. Among other risks like diabetes, cancers, heart disease, I also have to worry about alzheimers if I don’te keep my weight in check.

I just started reading and reviewing recipes in a cookbook called “The New McDougall Cookbook”. One really cool quote from Dr. McDougall that I like is “the fat you eat will soon become the fat you wear”. Let me explain. It only takes 3% of the calories from fat to store it in your body tissues compared to 30% of calories needed to transform carbohydrates to into fat stored. So this means that the less work your body has to do to store fat is the route it will take. The body usually disposes of fat that you consume by storing it so why would you want to add fat when you are trying to lose it?

Another thing that I learned from Dr. Pam Popper while at conference a few weeks ago is that when fatty deposits in arteries were examined to figure out where it came from, they found the fats that we all believed to be “good” like fat from olive oil. So to sum this up…all fats are created equal, they all clog kapeesh? All oils are concentrated calories of fat so think about this its 120 calories for a tablespoon of olive oil so tell me, who actually adheres to using only 1 tablespoon when sauteing or using a vinaigrette salad dressing? I sure as hell didn’t…what the hell is a tablespoon right? Its only 100 calories for a pound of veggies so lets say you have a pound of salad for lunch and you add 2 tablespoons of olive oil or your favorite dressing….creamy ones are higher is fat and then you add cheese or meat to it, you might as well have had a burger because all that fat and calories made it just as bad if not worse. Caesar salad is like one of the worst salads to eat in terms of fat and calories from it.

Ok so when I first went vegan to lose weight…I didn’t cut out all the fat, I really didn’t know the importance of cutting out until now nor did I actually pay attention to packaging and I ate avocados like crazy! I am Mexican, born and bred on avocados and its a weakness of mine. I am not here to ruin avocados or nuts, seeds for ya because those things are really good for you but in moderation. The way Dr. Popper put it to me while having a conversation about oils she said “have you ever stopped to think why its so hard to crack open nuts with your bare hands?”. Of course my response was…uhm no. Then she went on to explain that if you were to break open a nut with your bare hands or with a nut cracker and by the time you get the nut out of its shell and all the interior clear from the nut, by the time you get to the 3rd nut or so you get tired of it and just give up. The light bulb went off when she said this…because she was totally right. Because this not something you can access so easily and our ancestors probably didn’t waste a whole lot of time cracking open nuts to eat them all the time because well…it takes more energy then say eating a tomato.  Our bodies were probably not meant to eat too many of them. So, in moderation folks. If you are trying to lose weight, I would really avoid nuts, nut butters, olives, coconuts, tofu, soy milk,  seeds and avocados and of course ALL OILS as much as possible until you reach your ideal weight. Yes, I know its hard but you CAN do it…especially because I have. Removing fats WILL make your weight loss easier and it has done so far for me.

Fats are also involved in inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid), lupus, psoriatic and ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis and gall bladder disease and all fats promote development of cancers from of the breast, colon, prostate and kidney. Fats also cause oily skin and hair and feeds the kinds of bacteria that causes acne. Dr. McDougall also mentions that many disease processes can be relieved by improving your diet, the most remarkable being reversal of atherosclerosis, elimination of angina (chest pains), correction of hormone imbalances, recovery from adult-type diabetes and inflammatory arthritis, prevention of attacks of multiple sclerosis, gall bladder inflammation, and resolution of oily skin and acne.

De-Oil your kitchen. Many processed foods contain oil so check all your boxes. If you are also trying to lose weight, rice milk contains oil (weird, I know) so switch over to almond milk…I know I just said to avoid nuts but almond milks usually have no oils so read your ingredients list. You will have to prepare many of your own dips, salad dressings, tortilla chips etc. The oven will be your best friend when using no oils because hopefully you have already realized that anything fried is bad for you but in case you didn’t know, BAKE everything you would normally fry. My sister Sarah is on the french fry kick right now and its a pretty funny thing to watch because she is trying to be healthy and lose weight but craves french fries like there is no tomorrow…nothing gets between her and her french fry craving. I am so proud of her because she satisfies her french fry kick the healthy way. She went out and bought a non-stick baking pan, cut up all the potatoes and baked them patiently. She did this almost every day when she got home from work for like a week and this is not something she would likely do on the regular just so you know…I normally cook dinner during the week. I ended up buying her this non-stick sheet called a Silpat that you can put on any baking pan from Amazon because her non-stick baking pan didn’t do the non-stick part very well.

So if you are wondering how the hell you are going to saute your veggies the secret is to use water or veggie broth. You wont miss the oils peeps, trust me and it feels great to know everything you put in your mouth is guilt free and you can eat as much as you want of it because its super low in calories and is not growing your waist. Hummus for example is my absolute FAV guilt free food and I slather it or dip almost everything in to it. A simple recipe for hummus would be 2 cans of garbanzo beans, 1 can of artichoke hearts (canned in water), lemon juice, sea salt and I like to add garlic powder. You can also get creative and add cilantro and sun dried tomatoes or anything else your heart desires…thats healthy that is 😉

Good luck with going oil free folks and if you need any help, questions etc. just contact me. I do suggest picking up Dr. McDougall’s cookbook to get you started on some fat free recipes and also how to substitute oils, eggs etc out of your recipes. I am always willing to help so feel free to ask.


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