GM Foods…Something to be ANGRY About!

GMO’s (genetically modified organism) or GE (genetically engineered) also known as biotech products or my favorite name…FRANKENFOODS! It’s an absurd technology that forces genetic information across protective species barrier in an unnatural way.

Q: What is genetic engineering?

A: Genetic engineering involves taking genes from one species and inserting them into another. For example, genes from an arctic flounder which has “antifreeze” properties may be spliced into a tomato to prevent frost damage.

Why should you be concerned and ANGRY? Well…these genetic manipulations go virtually untested for safety and in our food supply and is ruining our environment and to be honest…why the hell are they manipulating Gods perfect foods? I really don’t feel comfortable eating something dreamed up by scientist in a lab…its no longer natural.

Take a walk through a Walmart or pretty much any grocery store virtually every packaged food product contains GM ingredients. What people don’t realize is that you don’t need to just avoid the genetically modified food such as corn or soybeans but also it’s derivatives such as high fructose corn syrup. MANY packaged foods contain some sort of corn or soy ingredient. I took a walk through Walmart the other day and I became so angry after picking up MANY food products and reading the ingredients list that ALL contained HFCS…I ended up chucking a bottle of salad dressing at some shelving near by and yelled “DOES THIS STORE SELL ANYTHING WITHOUT HFCS?!!!” I got some strange looks but I really didn’t care. Normally I am a little more calm about these things but I blame the outbursts on my pregnancy hormones right now. Maybe we should all be that angry so that the government can take better care of its people! I am not sure if chucking salad dressing is the answer but be angry enough to write letters to our reps to support stricter laws on GM food labeling.

Unless you educate yourself to recognize GM ingredients and read EVERY food product you buy, you are more than likely eating frakenfoods. Here are what some independent studies on GMO impact and safety have found:

Reproductive: Infertility and Sterility, Fetal Death, Sexual inability and sterility in offspring, Fetal Abnormalities in Offspring, Neonatal Mortality, Low Birth Weight, Failure to Thrive;

Immunologic: Damaged Immune Competence, Auto Immune Diseases, Cancer, Enhanced Allergenicity, Even to Previously Non-Allergenic Proteins Leading to Lethal Allergic Responses Previously Either Very Rare or Unknown;

Bacteriological: Marker DNA conferring antibiotic resistance is inserted into GMOs. This marker DNA transfers not only to human and animal DNA, but to bacterial DNA as well, creating new classes of antibiotic-resistant DNA and new diseases;

Pathophysiological: Small Kidneys, Punctate GI Walls and Membranes, Hair Growth on the Mucosal Surfaces of the Body;

Neurological: Reduced Adaptability, Problem Solving, Low Weight Brains in Fetuses and Neonates.

Scary huh? Monsanto is the devil I tell you…all about the money and could care less about the damage they are causing people and the environment. Whats even more scary is even if you take all precautions in avoiding genetically modified foods, non-GMO grown foods can’t promise that they are 100% non-GMO because many of them are growing their foods next to farms growing frakenfoods and the wind blows people…the wind blows those franken seeds over in to their neighboring non-GMO farm land thus contaminating it. Wonderful…just wonderful.

So, not only do you need to worry about GMO crops and derivatives but hey…what do you think the animal on your plate was eating? You guessed it! GM corn grain! And you are what you eat so now your meat is GM unless you purchased grass fed beef.

If you are interested in a non-GMO shoppers guide, I have found one online click here. It explains everything  you need to know about avoiding GM foods and some safe food brands. Also if you would like to be an advocate for campaigns that support laws against GM foods and stricter laws on food labeling and safety click here.

Here are some other links I found with info on GMO: – if you find food products with thw Non-Gmo Project label on it then it is free from GMOs.

I hope you all learned something from this blog, this is a serious issue that I feel we should all be angry about. Who’s is going to protect us? Obviously the FDA is doing a horrible job at it? We all have a voice and when we all speak…it is loud and things will change in our favor and not for those whom care only about dollar signs. I would hope that GM foods are done away with for good because many people have no idea that this is going on and are eating GM foods several times a day if not for every meal and many others believe “what they don’t know won’t hurt them”. So consider yourself warned and now that you do know…I feel you have a responsibility to your family friends and neighbors to let them know and do something about it.

Take action and happy healthy food shopping!


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