Vaccinations – Risky Business

Becoming a parent for the first time has been exciting yet frustrating. More often then not…people just do what the almighty doctor says and never question it, because doctors are all knowing…right? WRONG! In my opinion if your doctor can’t handle being questioned and really doesn’t have good research to back their recommendations, then they have no business being doctors. I appreciate a doctor who is constantly educating themselves and reads research on both ends of a spectrum before deciding to make recommendations to their patients or treating them. I want that kind of doctor for my entire family…wouldn’t you?

I thought I was set, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted for my children prior to having them. I am going to admit…at first I was anti everything unnatural and anal about what was going to be fed to my child but the more and more I get close to birthing my first child, the more I realized…ya just can’t prevent EVERYTHING and ANYTHING bad from entering their bodies or happening to them period. Let me give you an example of what I mean so you can understand where I came from and where I am at now before I get in to vaccinations. When I learned about how bad dairy is for our bodies, I told myself that my child would not have dairy…ever. Of course…I got some criticism from my lovely sister whose name I will not mention but lets just say shes pretty much the complete opposite of me when it comes to my stance on nutrition and vaccines. She said to me “Lily, whats going to happen when your child attends a birthday party and they have nothing to eat there much less being able to eat cake and ice cream?” My response was a little extreme at the time and I said well…they just won’t attend those birthday parties and if they do, they wont be allowed to eat it. My way of thinking is…if your child was highly allergic to dairy or nuts or wheat…you would do everything in your power to keep them from eating it right? So I would just treat my child as if they were allergic 🙂

I now have to admit, my response has changed a bit in that scenario. I am going to raise my child dairy free and hope that when we are at a birthday party, my child will not want cake and ice cream (I am kind of crossing my fingers they are lactose intolerant) but if they happen to have a little…I promise not to freak out. To be honest…I don’t know what the right answer, but I do know that I don’t want to be so dang rigid to the point where food will be an issue for us every where we go. At home, I can control what comes in but I can’t turn down going to my nephews birthday party because my sister disagrees with having meat/dairy free food and a little treat here and there won’t do much harm in my opinion.

Ok so back to vaccinations. In this case, I kind of feel like you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There are tons of what ifs going through my head. What if I do vaccinate my daughter and she has a really messed up adverse reaction but what if I don’t and she gets a horrible illness. Now lets get this straight folks, chicken pox is not like polio, I would much rather my child get chicken pox over polio any day. So why the hell are we vaccinating against chicken pox when its pretty dang clear that this vaccination doesn’t give life time immunity and if you catch chicken pox as an adult, its much more dangerous? Not only that, but they are actually seeing an outbreak of small pox which is much more dangerous than chicken pox because of the vaccination. Getting chicken pox as child ensures life time immunity and also helps in providing some immunity to small pox. The only viable answer to the reason why I believe this stupid vaccination even exists is the evil dollar. The makers of this vaccine know that once you get the vaccination, you will have to keep getting vaccinated every few years ensuring more money in their pockets on so many dosages. Many vaccines work this way but its all about weighing your risks. Do I want to risk my daughter getting polio?….of course not! Even though polio is extremely uncommon in the US, this is one that I feel is worth vaccinating against just in case there is some one who is infected from another country that visits the US causing an outbreak. So do you get my comparison here? So if my daughter happens to get the chicken pox…you are already invited to a Chicken Pox Party at my place so our kiddos can all catch it at the same time and be done with it. That’s how they did it in the old days and it worked out great!

Now, there are some people that feel that the risk of adverse reactions is far less than the risk of contracting an illness. I beg to differ. For one, adverse reactions are not something doctors follow up on after getting a vaccination. Adverse reactions are only reported if the person who experienced it, reports it, therefore, the reports of adverse reactions are not 100% correct. Not enough research has been done on reactions so in a sense, we are all guinea pigs and until enough people complain about it, then it becomes a “problem”. Extensive research should be done on the safety of the vaccination PRIOR to releasing it to the public and I am talking years of research, not just a little clinical study. We don’t know if a vaccination you get today will cause you adverse reactions 20 years from now. For instance, some very surprising statements about Gardasil came from the president of the American Cancer Society, Carolyn Runowicz. She quoted “FDA approval of HPV vaccine, the first vaccine targeted specifically to preventing cancer, is one of the most important advances in women’s health in years.” and then goes on to say “If women decide to skip screening (for dysplasia via pap smear) once vaccinated, in 10-20 years we’d actually see an increase in cervical cancer”. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? The HPV vaccination Gardasil only “protects” against 4 of almost 100 strains of HPV. These four are the strands that they “believe” to cause cervical cancer. Many women whom get HPV don’t even know it and it also clears up on its own before they even find out. So now Merck, the maker of Gardasil is coming up with all kinds of inoculation cocktails to protect against more strands they “believe” to cause cervical cancer. Usually when a female develops dysplasia, HPV is usually not the only causative factor. Elevated levels of estrogen, taking birth control pills, alcohol consumption, and consumption of refined sugar and processed foods can all be contributing factors. Not only that, but if you happen to contract HPV there are several ways, through nutrition and medical procedures to get rid of it. So is this vaccine really necessary?

And for those who think that there is no longer mercury in vaccinations, think again. Flu vaccines contain the preservative thimerosal and thimerosal contains mercury. What’s also disturbing in addition to cultured bacteria and viruses, stabilizers, neutralizers, carrying agents and preservatives that are added is the medium that vaccines are cultured in can contain dog and monkey kidney tissue, chicken or duck egg protein, chicken embryos, calf serum, pig or horse blood, and cowpox pus. Pretty gross huh?

So, with this all being said, there are MANY more vaccines I need to research including the risks I am taking IF my child catches this illness and the risk of my child experiencing an adverse reaction to one such as the MMR vaccination being linked to Autism. The reality is, we just don’t know unless great quality research is done to ensure safety. I know all parents would rather be safe than sorry but that speaks to all parents regardless of which side of the fence you are on with this issue. There is some evidence that vaccines have suppressed childhood infectious diseases in children but at the same period of time the rates of chronic disease and other serious health problems such as asthma, ADD, allergies, mental retardation, and learning disabilities increased dramatically. Maybe the answer lies in the number of vaccinations we administer to children in such a short period of time that causes things like Autism and SIDS or the fact that we need to let children experience illness in order to build strong immune systems. Who knows who is telling the truth but It’s much more likely that some one who is not making the evil dollar by recommending a vaccination is telling the truth. Many times capital gain is put ahead of safety regulation and we see that not just in the vaccination business but also with food production with all the food recalls and the pharmaceutical business with all the adverse reactions to meds.

Once I get through racking my brain on which vaccinations to have administered to my child I will do an update blog but I will leave you with this…if anyone tells you that you MUST vaccinate your child no matter what in order for them to attend school, its bullshit. That much I do know 🙂 and if they insist that you get these vaccinations then tell them you want it in writing that if something happens to your child because of the vaccination, that they will take full responsibility. They won’t do this, and you know why…because then you could sue their asses. If it was something that was required, all the people who have experienced an adverse reaction would have sued. If you vaccinate, its your fault if something happens and if you don’t vaccinate, its still your fault but don’t let them make you think you have to do something against your will.

On another note…I have taken a interest in homeopathy and this may be the answer to not having to vaccinate. Homeopathy treats an illness by recognizing its symptoms and using the appropriate homeopathic remedy to help your body’s own immune system fight off an illness. According to history of homeopathic inoculations being done by the masses many moons ago, it has worked better than vaccinations. Homeopathic remedies cost pennies on the dollar per inoculation and if a mysterious illness occurs, homeopathic remedies work best because remedies are used according to symptoms not the type of bacteria or virus. If you happen to have been given the wrong homeopathic remedy, it doesn’t have adverse reactions nor does it create super bugs/viruses by trying to kill it, it simply helps your body fight it thus creating a stronger immune system. You can also buy your own basic homeopathic remedy kit to keep at home and administer to you and your family when illness strikes.  If there is an illness that strikes that’s beyond your homeopathic book or symptoms/remedies and skills, there are homeopathy doctors out there with much more experience that you can consult with. I don’t know about you but this sounds like a winner to me 🙂 I will blog about this more as I do the research.


One thought on “Vaccinations – Risky Business

  1. Awesome post!! It’s a very confusing topic for a mother to decide what’s safe or unsafe for their child. If I knew what I know now back when I had a choice I would have decided otherwise on some of the vaccines. Follow your “motherly” instinct. Trust me, it’s usually the best option. I’m also right there with you on the dairy situation. I’ve been looked at like the wicked witch of the west saying no to cake and ice cream, but while I can control intake at home, Birthday parties (ugh) do have to be an exception. I like to think that someday our children will thank us. Look forward to hearing what else you find out!

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