Meet Lily

Lily & daughter Lylah

I am a simple kind of person who values the truth, good or bad. Health and nutrition is a passion of mine and I am currently making my passion my career. Life likes to throw good and bad things at people and well for me I went through some health realizations after dealing with some bad side effects from hormonal birth control…yup it was one of the worst decisions I made as a young women trying to prevent pregnancy THIS way. Being that I was young and naive…and well doctors sometimes just don’t care to disclose ALL the details about birth control like whats actually in it :/ I ended up with some health issues that I became determined to get over. Nonetheless I don’t regret it as it was necessary in my journey in finding my true passion. I am pursuing a certification in Health Coaching and I am available for plant-based cooking and shopping demos, and kitchen detoxes in Las Vegas, NV so if you’re interested please contact me.

I am a Digital Film major whom half way through obtaining my degree decided that film was a hobby, not a passion and started self educating about health and nutrition and slooooowly made changes in my life. I learned about a wonderful whole food supplement called Juice Plus that helped me tremendously with the constant headaches I suffered from which inspired me to become a Wellness Consultant for Juice Plus.  Several years later, here I am….a Health Know-It-All who finally decided that health and nutrition is a part of me. Knowledge has made all the difference and was the catalyst in helping me make great changes to everything in my life from stress to food. I am on top of the world because of it. Even when life get tough, I still have my health all because now I know what my body needs to thrive. I want to help others do the same so they can feel the tremendous benefits I have felt. My journey has been long and is still not over.

If you want to read all about the truth in health information and misconceptions out there then this is the blog for you. I understand how frustrating it can be to find the truth about health when the media reports so many contradicting things about what is good for you and what isn’t. The difference between me and the media is I take the advice from credible doctors whom do not take money to recommend products. Doctors whom have a proven track records for reversing illnesses and doctors whom have conducted the research themselves and actually know how to read and understand the research. Doctors that have changed my life after taking their advice and switching to a plant based diet. I credit them for being able to heal my body, lose weight and ultimately able to conceive a child.

The Choyce Family 2012
Kenneth, Lily, and Lylah

I have a beautiful family with a daughter whom I adore. She is my motivation and the reason why I want to continue this healthy lifestyle. I want to be around for as long as possible to enjoy her life and grow healthfully old with my husband. Stay tuned if you want to learn how for you and your family. 🙂

Note * The new and other items in this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Nothing in this blog is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


1 thought on “Meet Lily

  1. lily! what a beautiful site you have created with such a passionate concept. your daughter, so beautiful. keep going strong on the journey…. you will do great things! 🙂

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